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Our Walking Shoes Womens Sale

Some days, you just have a lot of ground to cover. Whether that entails a jam packed day full of errands or a day full of sightseeing while on vacation, there are times where you need a durable, quality walking shoe. With numerous styles available, finding the right pair of walking shoes is often easier said than done. After a long day of shoe shopping, imagine finding the perfect pair, only to put it back after reading the price tag. Defeated, you make your way to the clearance section, believing that another, more suitably priced pair awaits. But then, you encounter another problem. Despite the more reasonable prices, chances are you’re only seeing one or two basic styles, neither of which pique your interest. So now what? Thankfully, with our impressive assortment of the latest women’s walking shoes at nearly unbeatable prices, you can save more without giving up the styles you want. We are proud to we carry a range of unique styles large enough to suit any preference or occasion. From unique, active sandals to classic sneakers, our sale stock is expansive enough to suit a wide variety of tastes. Whether you’re a lace up kind of girl or one who prefers the convenience of slip ons, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Rockport also offers multiple styles available in different width options for a comfortable, more personalized fit. With accessible price points, a rock solid return policy, exclusive deals, and several shipping options including free standard ground shipping on orders over $125, Rockport is proud to be your one stop shop for all things footwear.